For as long as the profession has been around, being a police officer has been a tough job. Those in law enforcement need ongoing support to perform to the best of their abilities, and in today’s day and age, that means embracing digital transformation and employing the right technological solutions in the field. 

With over 60 years of combined experience serving law enforcement, FSET has learned to leverage technology to empower officers in the field. There is a fundamental need and momentum to bring time saving, cost effective and secure information systems access to frontline officers. The same systems access and security standard that has been developed over several decades in a Windows-based environment, now needs to be mobilized. We understand the importance of saving police time, because every second counts when they’re responding to calls or investigating crimes in the field. We also recognize the need for cost-effective solutions, so agencies can allocate resources toward other organizational pathways that help keep our communities safe. And above all else, we realize the impact of increased visibility and how it works to deter crime and support the public.   

To meet these needs, FSET has launched a global #MobilityFirst initiative by developing a cutting-edge solution aimed at creating a modernized, empowered and revolutionary #ConnectedOfficer. By utilizing Citrix Workspace to provide mobile access to Niche records management systems with Samsung DeX technology, we have effectively brought the office to the officer and enabled them to do their job both more efficiently and securely through digital transformation. 

Thanks to our involvement with the Ontario Police Technology Information Cooperative (OPTIC), we have been able to meet all the security requirements and future proof against more stringent policies in the future. The security posture on the patent-pending #MobilityFirst technology not only meets but exceeds the requirement and controls outlined in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Services Secured Network Communication Policy, but of the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada and other frameworks from around the world. We have essentially built security into our services at the highest standards that exist today.   

With several agencies already employing our #MobilityFirst solution in the field across Canada, we look forward to being able to help other organizations adopt the technology and reap the benefits of FSET’s #ConnectedOfficer.   

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