Mobility First

Mobility First

#ConnectedOfficer – Bringing the Office to the Officer 

FSET is bringing the office to the officer through its #ConnectedOfficer program and #MobilityFirst initiative by finding progressive and forward-thinking ways to do more with less. Through our Private Community Cloud for Law Enforcement or #PCCLE, FSET hosts, manages, and supports agencies and their membership through a fully virtualized desktop and/or published applications that meet and in many cases, exceed Canadian and international standards and requirements.


With a single officer issued device this technology is able to replace legacy Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) in the cruisers, workstations at the detachments, and provide mobile access to officers in the field in a cost effective and budget friendly solution. The overall #ROI is therefore higher and #TCO is lower.


#MobilityFirst Doing More with Less