Managed DNS

We provide complete domain name server management, also known as DNS. As the first thing that happens whenever visitor or employees query your domain name for sites, applications, e-mail and services, DNS is critical to running your business effectively. Our Premium DNS Services are available for businesses of all sizes and we work hard to determine the best package for your needs. The main goal of DNS management is to make sure all of your sites and services are running at peak performance and experience little if any, downtime. In addition, our Premium DNS Services include the following:

  • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Reduce page load times by up to 50%
  • Seamless website and server migration
  • DNS failover reroutes site traffic, so your site and servers are never down
  • Backup DNS allows the use of multiple servers simultaneously
  • Detailed analytics help growing companies continue to scale
  • Query speeds of less than 30ms – the fastest in the industry
  • Record support for HTTPS redirects, ANAME, Wildcard, and more
  • Full DNS audit log history
  • Fully compatible with IPv6

The above features are available for every size company, from small businesses to corporate entities. We also provide standard phone support on weekdays and weekends, failover for system monitoring. Contact us today to learn more.