EndPoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is vital to protecting your company’s data and we offer this as a part of our managed security services. We leverage the most technologically advanced hardware & software in order to prevent, detect, and proactively respond to security issues.

What Is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection, sometimes referred to as endpoint security, is a process that secures your network’s security endpoints. These endpoints include mobile devices and desktop and portable PCs and also encompass the data stored on these endpoints. Endpoint security works by isolating security risks within your network and addressing these risks in order to prevent catastrophic data loss and other issues.

Endpoint protection works by preventing targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats, or APTs. These attacks cannot be prevented solely by antivirus solutions and so endpoint solutions are essential for the total protection of workstations, servers, and a variety of other endpoint devices.

Our endpoint protection is a part of our all-inclusive Managed Security Services including:

  • Proactive Detection
  • Firewall
  • Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)
  • Anti-malware, including anti-spyware and anti-virus
  • Malware Audit and Disinfection Service
  • Application Control
  • Rule-based System Behavior Blocking
  • Rootkit Detection
  • Behavioral Analysis Detection

In today’s business environment, networks are supporting more devices, which opens several vulnerabilities and access points for hackers. Endpoint protection is an important part of your network’s overall security. Contact us to discuss our managed services.