Advanced E-mail Filtering

Businesses of all sizes are susceptible to hackers and advanced cyber attacks. Many of these attacks present themselves as email attachments and when unsuspecting users open these attachments, your network is put at risk. We understand the importance of email security and our team of professionals work to provide solutions that minimize the risk of these advanced attacks. Our cyber security solutions include advanced email filtering, virus scanning, and spam filtering services with the following features:

  • Dynamic URL and attachment analysis
  • Email encryption and data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Zero Hour Threat Detection
  • Signature-based Anti Virus
  • Email archiving
  • URL Defense
  • Attachment Defense
  • Outbound Filtering
  • Spam Filtering

At the basic level, email filtering ensures that only legitimate emails are seen and any suspicious emails are filtered out. Advanced email filtering is essential to any business, particularly those that are held to strict privacy and regulatory standards. In addition, your company’s brand image will remain intact, which will prevent financial losses, fines, or damage to your company’s reputation. Contact us today to learn more about our email filtering services.