Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI, or virtual desktop infrastructure, is an essential component of medium to large businesses with multiple desktop computers. Rather than installing applications individually on each device, VDI allows applications to run in the cloud supported by our remote servers. A complete VDI keeps your business running at peak performance, allowing all of your devices to connect to a centrally managed login and maintaining a high level of security. We leverage the use of the industry’s best Citrix software for our VDI services, which enables us to deliver fully-functional virtual desktops. VDI makes desktop virtualization truly customizable so you know you’re getting a targeted solution for your business.

Some of the key benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure include:

  • Cost effective – A VDI reduces costs spent on multiple servers and guest hosts
  • Around-the-clock server monitoring (100% Canadian)
  • Convenient universal access to the hosted desktop increases productivity
  • Peace of mind thanks to a highly secure VDI that protects critical data
  • Our servers are located in a secure Canadian Data center with power redundancy and multiple internet connections.

We help your business thrive by setting up and maintaining a virtual desktop infrastructure that is monitored and managed 24/7 by our team of professionals. With a VDI from FSET, you can rest assured that your information is protected, giving you the time to focus on running your business. Contact us today to learn about our personalized VDI solutions.