Police IT Services

We specialize in providing IT services and support for police services through a variety of innovative technologies designed to enhance the policing environment. We utilize NicheRMS in order to assist police departments in the deployment mobile solutions for officers in the field. We also use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology to increase IT responsiveness, which is critical for effective policing. Other hosting capabilities include records management and computer aided dispatch (CAD) solutions for police forces.

All FSET police IT services are OPTIC compliant. OPTIC is an acronym for the Ontario Police Technology Information Cooperative, an organization tasked with transitioning police agencies to digital records management systems. In maintaining OPTIC compliance, we remain dedicated to help police agencies implement and maintain their IT environments.
At FSET, we take police IT services seriously and we understand what it takes to provide comprehensive support for a rapidly changing field. Contact us today to learn more about our police IT services.