Mobile Device Management (MDM Solutions)

As technology continues to dominate the global market, businesses must be prepared to compete while maintaining a high level of security. Whether you lead a large corporation or manage a small business, mobile data management is critical for data security. That’s where FSET comes in. We offer mobile device management (MDM) services essential for mobile phone security. Today’s businesses need high-level security options that keep data and trade secrets safe while maintaining fluid communication.

What is MDM? Mobile device management is defined as security software typically utilized by IT professionals to track, monitor, and protect company-issued and personal mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile data management can be implemented with multiple service providers and is compatible with various mobile operating systems. Compatibility for a range of work environments is key in managing mobile data.

Mobile data management is facilitated through secure encryption of your company’s network, all-inclusive virus protection, and network authentication. Additionally, our MDM technology allows clients to quickly and easily separate company data from personal data, giving full access and control over company data. In the event a company or personal device is ever lost or stolen, it can be remotely erased, which greatly reduces the likelihood of data loss and security breaches.

MDM incorporates training tools so employees remain completely aware of company security policies and procedures. Updates to employee responsibilities are easily managed and increase security compliance and enforcement.

We offer MDM services with the capability of scanning, monitoring, tracking, providing remote wipe and support for company issued phones. These capabilities allow us to push app downloads and updates directly to all the deployed devices across various operating systems. Our MDM support also includes services for shared devices, which are used in a variety of industries from law enforcement to healthcare. Security profiles allow only trusted individuals to access your company-issued devices, reducing the likelihood of theft or compromised data. FSET can assist in determining the right MDM services for your company. Contact us today to get started.