IT for Insurance Providers

For insurance providers, a secure IT network is critical. Insurance providers deal with a large amount of sensitive data and we help by installing, hosting and supporting specialized insurance software. The Broker’s Workstation (TBW) is the ideal software solution for insurance providers because it covers all major processes of a busy insurance provider such as referral rating, proposal creation, and built-in quote applications. Independent insurance brokers can use the commercial module to perform the same tasks as larger insurance providers.

We assist companies with installation and management of TBW. Our professionals take your business seriously and our IT solutions for insurance prioritizes the confidentiality of client information. We proactively management each client’s IT by performing necessary risk assessments, implementing secure file sharing solutions, and securing your network.

Our IT solutions help insurance providers do the following:

  • Maintain compliance
  • Protect sensitive client data with a secure network
  • Minimize the threat of viruses, malware, and data compromise

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