Let our expert service technicians assist you in the field and ensure your technology is working for you. We offer assistance in Northwestern Ontario for several different hardware installations, including low voltage cabling, cellular boosters, Ring security cameras, and SpaceX Starlink technology. If you require more specialized assistance, please contact us. 

Low voltage or structured cabling refers to an electrical network foundation upon which digital technology and communication equipment functions efficiently and consistently. Commercial buildings often contain complex wiring systems such as network data, telephone and Wi-Fi access, HD video, and audio systems, and computer networking systems. All of these components require a wiring network that is separate and apart from standard electrical wiring. 

Need a boost with your cellular signal? Cell phone reception can be affected by many factors including your location, construction material in your building, and more. A cellular booster may be the ideal solution to achieve a reliable signal and help you stay connected.

Creating products that help you protect what matters most at home and empower you to connect with your neighbors from wherever you are. FSET is an authorized partner and reseller of Ring Home Security Systems and is able to install your system.


Starlink is a satellite-based high-speed internet service owned and operated by SpaceX. If you are uncomfortable with any part of the manual installation process, we can assist with affixing dishes to buildings, termination of cabling, completion of setup, and the sale of necessary hardware such as mounts for eaves and fascia.

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