At FSET, all law enforcement IT services follow strict policy requirements as mandated by the Ontario Police Technology Information Cooperative (OPTIC), the governing body for all Ontario Law Enforcement compliance. As part of our service offering, we assist organizations with becoming and maintaining compliance with the NCACR process and assist with the transition to a more mobile and secure model.

Our highly scalable and agile model will assist organizations if disaster arises, granting access to law enforcement services in hours versus days or weeks. Officers can maintain a connection to records management systems in the field, while the agency recovers from a disaster. By understanding what it takes to provide comprehensive support for a rapidly changing field, we remain dedicated to supporting police agencies and the implementation and maintenance of their IT environments.


Let us assist your organization by leveraging technology to empower officers in the field.

  • Mobility
  • Digital Evidence Management (DEM)
  • Legacy Software
  • Real-Time Information
  • Policy & Compliance

Watch the implementation of a #ConnectedOfficer program with a #MobilityFirst approach. To learn more about FSET Inc.’s patented technology (US Patent No. 11,611,549), read the Digital Transformation article.