The problem with security in information systems is mostly one of engineering. But until the problem is solved, reducing the attack surface and selecting strong security solutions is the name of the game.

As CISO, Francois is responsible for strategizing and implementing comprehensive security measures to protect FSET and its data centres from online threats.

Since joining FSET in 2019, Francois has been hard at work optimizing the company’s IT security program, with an emphasis on maturing internal security operations centre (SOC) capabilities and functions, increasing FSET’s cybersecurity strength, and enhancing the company’s overall ability to combat rapidly evolving cyberthreats. In addition to focusing on the bigger picture, Francois also works on the frontlines, keeping a close watch over FSET’s operations and personally investigating client security matters whenever they arise. With over 44 years of experience in IT, 25 years as a dedicated security analyst, Francois holds significant experience in threat and risk analysis, systems security engineering, and IT protection practices.

Born in Gatineau, Quebec, Francois now works out of his home in Aylmer, Quebec. When he has the time, Francois enjoys venturing outside to engage in shore fishing and photography on the banks of his much beloved Ottawa River.