From the North, for the North

Since 1999, FSET has been based out of Kenora in Northwestern Ontario, and for over twenty years, we’ve been proud to show the rest of the world what IT professionals in the North are truly capable of. With most of our leadership hailing from the region, we know firsthand about our neighbours’ unique technological needs: we know about the connectivity challenges consumers face living in remote locations; we know about the ways local geography and climate affect telecommunications infrastructure; we know the people that live here and the solutions they want. Simply put, FSET knows the North, and we are committed to serving it like only we can.

“Companies in the North often get written off, as if they can’t keep up with companies in southern Ontario or other parts of Canada, but that’s just not true. We really like being bleeding-edge from a small town, and if our solutions work here, they’ll work anywhere.” – Nicole Brown, FSET COO

Bleeding-edge, not just cutting-edge

In today’s day and age, change is defined by technology. Since its inception, FSET has been hard at work trendsetting in the tech industry and charting the course of the world’s ongoing digital transformation. To say that we are cutting-edge is simply not enough; our solutions are instead bleeding-edge, consistently setting entirely new benchmarks for other industry leaders to follow, like our one-of-a-kind #MobilityFirst initiative that successfully brought the office to officers in the field. At FSET, we do everything we can to help others reimagine and redefine what’s possible in the workplace, showing time and time again that pushing boundaries and achieving the unthinkable can become second nature.

“To be able to innovate, you have to be able open up old ideas to see things in new ways. FSET will look at the technology that’s out there and adapt it for your organization and its employees. We want to know what your problem is, what your challenges are, and then we’ll transform those inefficiencies and remove those gaps to improve your workflow.” – David Brown, FSET CEO

Our core values

Our mission to change the world with technology is driven by four core values:

Integrity – At FSET, we believe in showing, instead of merely telling about what we’re capable of. When we provide service, we know we’ve done a good job not when we’ve made a profit, but when we’ve saved money – as well as time – for our customers.

“It comes down to being honest and forthright. When we provide service, we’re going to do the best job we can, and we’re going to go above and beyond to get everything that needs to be done, done.” – David Brown, FSET CEO

Passion – We recognize that in our field, success is about hard work, and hard work is about being relentless. In our continued pursuit of excellence, we treat everything as a learning experience and feel satisfied only once we’ve leveraged technology to make a meaningful contribution to society.

“We want to change the world through technology. It’s bold, but we think there is an opportunity to have digital equity and make the world a better place with technology. It’s achievable, and we want to prove it.” – Nicole Brown

Reliability – We perform constant research and development to stay on top of our game and meet our goal of keeping IT simple for clients. Humble in our approach to service delivery and take care of everything for customers in the background so they can focus on themselves.

Innovation – Owing to the vision of our leadership, we often read the industry for certain trends and find ourselves working on them long before others have even taken notice. We are proud to hold several patents and create game-changing solutions that are recognized as the first of their kind.

“We invest in ourselves and do everything best-in-class. Technology is a tool, a means to an end, and where it can be leveraged to solve problems and achieve things, that’s what FSET does.” – David Brown, FSET CEO

In addition to these core values, FSET is also guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings – Humility, Bravery, Honesty, Wisdom, Truth, Respect, and Love. By operating in a culturally safe and sensitive manner, we operate better overall.

The FSET difference

With the best staff, tools, products, and partners, we are unmatched in our ability to identify inefficiencies and leverage technology for customers. We are proud to employ experts from several different fields, and they are more than happy to share their knowledge with clients and give back to society at large. FSET is dedicated to listening to our clients and what they would like to achieve through technology. Taking that information back to the drawing board and developing a comprehensive plan to get there. By working together, we can get the job done.

“We always look for the best solution, not the cheapest option, and that’s really important, because it’s about the capabilities, not just the product that we’re passing along to our clients” – Nicole Brown, FSET COO

Our commitment to underserved communities

FSET is a proud Indigenous Ally that is committed to building relationships and doing its part as society works toward reconciliation. In this pursuit, we work closely with several First Nation community partners to help navigate and learn more about the balance between tradition and technology. Above all else, we strive to level the playing field for communities that have insufficient internet access by helping put the tools in place for equitable education and other public services.

“When I look to the future, it’s about FSET being a conduit for change, and for Indigenous clients, that means levelling the playing field.” – David Brown, FSET CEO

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